A little something about me


I am a free spirited person that is always open to new challenges. I drive myself on learning new things and adapting new skills along the way. Throughout my life I have traveled and worked in many Countries around the world. This experience has given me a broader vision of how businesses do things different. One thing I did learn is that all businesses have one goal, which is to remain profitable and succeed.


During my working years I have gained experience from a vast array of business areas. These range from personnel administration, project management to developing my IT skills with Linux systems and Microsoft Windows.

Where do I want to work?

I would love to work for any business that wants to stretch my abilities. I thrive on working in pressured environments, therefore no challenge is too great. I am willing to relocate to any part of Europe on a permanent basis. Currently I am living in East Germany.


I am always looking for new ideas and push myself to find more efficient ways to carry out tasks. I believe this helps me to maintain a forward thinking mind. I love to work with teams and can also work on my own using my initiative when required.